Being innovative and Being Diligent;
Quality Fast and Service Upmost.


Mission: To Provide Safety
to Worldwide Workers


Quality Pursuit,Team Work
Courage to Assume Responsibility Persistent growth


To Build an international
brand of New protective materials


Originally established in 1997, Anhui Mingrui New Materials Technology Co., Ltd has constructed a business model where combines technology innovations, smart manufacturing, brand marketing, resource consolidation and internet plus.

After years of development, not only Mingrui has become a world’s leading smart manufacturing company of protective toe caps and midsoles, but also a pionieer and performer in developing advanced manufacturing techniques and new protective materials.

Mingruiers will always remember our mission marching down the road.

To Provide Safety to Workers Worldwide.

Strength Factory

Mingrui’s smart facility occupies an area of 56, 000 sqm and we are rewarded as “Municipal Digital Factory”, “Municipal SRDI Enterprise”, “Provincial Innovative Enterprise”. SRDI refers to Specialized, Refined, Differentiated, and Innovative. 32 lines of automated production lines enables Mingrui to produce 150 million pairs each year. Mingrui is acccredited for ISO 9001: 2015.

Mingrui is also an ISO 14001: 2015 certified company with complete pollution control equipment. Environmental protection measures are put into real pratice here at Mingrui. All the waste water is re-used after treatment and all the waste-gases produced during production is purified before emission. All hazardous is collected, stored and handled to 3rd parties with statutory qualifications for disposal, following our national regulations.

As our size expands and industrial intensification improves, we have had our production and operation activities scientized, standardized and legalized. Mingrui has also been certified for OHSAS18001 standard.

Sales Network

Mingrui’s sales network covers over 50 different countries and areas. Over 30 sales networks set home and abroad provide comprehensive service to more than 500 customers globally.

Over the past decade, aside from scale-expansion and sales increase, Mingrui has also been laying great emphasis on multi-lateral cooperations with international top brands and leading producers of safety boots in different countries and we have become a strategic partner to them.

After years of development, Mingrui is now well recognized with popularity and credibility internationally.

R & D Capability

Not only Mingrui has co-operated with universities to establish a “Joint Laboratory For Foot Protection” to persue lighter, thinner, but stronger materials. Moreover, Mingrui is exploring on the use of recyclate materials for for sustainable development to be achieved.

Mingrui has technological innovation and materials innovation injected in our veins. We have 20 senior mechanical engineers and materials developers in our R&D team. We have got over 30 national patents and intellectual properties.

Big investments have been made continuously to develop, improve and upgrade our manufacturing techniques and equipment. We are proud to say Mingrui is the first company who successfully invented and adapted automated production for protective toe caps and midsoles. However, we are not contet to stand still. We will keep leading and innovating.

Quality Assuranc

Quality is as the first consideration all along. Apart from that all production activitiesare carried out in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 standard, ,Mingrui has set up our own “Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)” and “Mingrui’s Internal Standard” for reliably stable quality. Training courses are organised on a regular basis so our empolyees’ quality consciousness is enhanced.

A “Quality Patrol Squad” is set up in the production dept. doing the overall quality checks on in-process products and machines. Two seperate well-equipped labs with individual QA makes our final quality and out-going quality assured.

We have kept good communication channels with 3rd party labs so our knowledge on safety boots and materials is up-to-date. Samples are sent for evaluations and tests for 100% quality guarantee.

Honor & Awards

Holding onto the Vision: To build an international brand of new protective materials, Mingrui has been accredited with:

Munucipal Technology Center

High-Tech Enterprise

Fast-growing Enterprise

AAA Grade Credit Enterprise

Top 10 Export Enterprise

Top 20 Enterprise and etc.

Tom Wang, the General Director was honorably awarded with “A Career-creating Talent of Type B of The Provincial Special Support Program”

We will keep up with the good work for greater honors.